Boyfriend Birthday Ideas

Is your boyfriend’ca birthday is around the corner? Is he hard to shop for? Don’t stress out about finding the perfect birthday present to show your love and affection. Here are some great boyfriend birthday ideas to get you started.

Gifts for Sports Fans

Basketball hoop and sports

If your man is a sports fanatic, there are plenty of options. Chances are that his favorite sports team has something that your boyfriend will love.

Many teams and affiliations sell branded merchandise from the National Hockey League and Major League Soccer to NASCAR, The UFC, and more.  Click here for the Fan Shops of a long of leagues and teams.

Fans with team colors in their blood might want an experience gift.  Go to a big game, a major golf tournament – or get coached by a pro.  Experience gifts also include racing a Ferrari, glider and helicopter rides, snow mobile rides, zip lining and more.  Click here for lots of experience and adventure gift ideas.

Plan a Romantic Scavenger Hunt

Imagine your boyfriend receiving a text from you, which sends him on a romantic scavenger hunt he didn’t expect.  You will have him finding and solving clues anywhere you choose to send him: around the house, to the store to buy you something, to special place you both enjoy.

If he follows each clue correctly, he will find you waiting for him at the end.  It’s not so difficult to set up. Click here to learn how.

Give Your Man a Sentimental Gift

Some people think that sentimental gifts for men are a waste of time, but lots of men appreciate a romantic gesture.

For a long list of sentimental gifts, click here.

Amp Up His Workout Routine

Exercise and Fitness Gifts for GuysThere are so many fitness-related birthday gifts you could give your boyfriend. It depends on what he already likes and uses.

For example, if he likes to workout at home, you might give him something fabulous like an elliptical training or a rowing machine.  If you want to present a less over-the-top birthday gift, there are all sorts of personal training devices like activity trackers (like FitBits), traditional pedometers, exercise balls, weight vests, Kettlebells, and sports watches.

If he likes the gym, you could extend his membership or hire a personal trainer for a few sessions to help him refine his workout.  If that’s too much cash, consider an eBook or online course like Total Six Pack AbsTurbulence Training, or kettlebell training,

Get Him Anything – Fast

Amazon-Birthday-Gift-For-Him2Does he love to shop on the internet?  Then, how about giving him a year’s worth of two-day shipping – for free.  throw in thousands of movies and TV shows to stream instantly (and for free) and tons of free Kindle books?  How?  Amazon Prime, of course.

Classic Clothes

Leather Jacket and Other Classic Clothing GiftsWhat do Bruce Springsteen, Marlon Brando, James Dean, The Ramones and Jean-Claude Van Damme have in common? They all wore classic leather jackets from Schott NYC, a 100-year-old company that was the first to make bomber and biker jackets, and still makes almost all its products in the United States.  Or, you could deck him out with classic outfits like the blazer, polo shirt and jeans look – all great boyfriend birthday ideas.

Car Detailing

Get your boyfriend's car detailedIf your man loves his car, give him the ultimate auto luxury – a complete car detailing package.  In some relationships, it would not feel like a boundary violation for you to take his car while he is at work, and get it detailed as a surprise. But, lots of men would freak out, so it might be better to present him with a card or a homemade coupon announcing your boyfriend’s birthday gift.

6. Plan a Romantic Birthday Date At Home

Romantic Birthday IdeasLong for a night in? Fill a basket with some fancy cheeses, crackers, candles and a good bottle of wine.  Add a couple of romantic comedies and you are set for the evening. Want the kitten in you to purr? How about a package that includes massage oils and scented gels. You could put together a basket of pampering boyfriend birthday presents. You can splurge on some expensive cologne, luxurious shave cream, and other toiletries intended to exaggerate his masculinity.

7. Plan a Romantic Date Out

Romantic Date Out For Bday CelebrationThere is likely to be a romantic place nearby, even if you have to use your imagination. How about a walk on the beach followed by dinner? Or a horseback riding date? You could plan a romantic birthday picnic for two on your rooftop, a park or mountain location. How about holding hands as you skate at an old-fashioned roller rink, followed by gourmet burgers and root beer floats? Don’t forget that some of the nicest dates happen during the day. Imagine surprising him for lunch, or at the end of his work day for an unexpected experience?

8. Cute Boyfriend Birthday Ideas

Totally Cute Personalized Fortune CookiesAn especially cute birthday gift is to order in Chinese food and when it comes time for dessert, present him with personalized fortune cookie, with your special message inside. This cookie won’t crumble. It will be a token of your celebration together.  Use it as an opportunity to write your boyfriend a special birthday note that he will treasure all times of the year. 


9. Homemade Gift Ideas

Knitting for your dudeSome guys will simply adore you if you spend the time and effort necessary to add the homemade touch to your gift. If there is a little chef in you, you can cook a meal that features his most favorite foods or put together a platter of gourmet treats. You can even dare to prepare something deliciously out of the ordinary.  If you are able to sew or knit or you even have carpentry talents, you can fabricate a custom-made piece of work he will be able to treasure long after the day is over. If you’ve been together for a while, you could create a “book of the year.”  This is essentially a scrapbook that chronicles your past year as a couple.  Add cute pictures, mementos you may have saved from your dates and funny, but loving captions, and you have created a keepsake for you both to look back on.

10. Unique Sports Gifts

Sports gifts for guysDoes your boyfriend golf?  Some great birthday gifts for golfers include  golf towels, club covers and even golf balls personalized with his name or initials. Or, if he’s a team sports fan, you can always order a jersey from his favorite team. For an extra touch that he might appreciate, try one that has his surname paired with his favorite player’s number on the back. For more ideas for the man you love who loves sports, visit our page for sports fan gifts.

11. Surprise Him

Surprise Birthday for your BoyfriendA surprise birthday party is always fun. Tell him you are treating him to dinner at a nice restaurant. When you arrive, all of his friends will be there. Most restaurants have special rooms available that you can rent for the evening. Another available scene is to throw the party in your apartment. Blindfold him and drive him around for a short while, then lead him to your door using an alternative route.

A romantic scavenger hunt can have you planting clues around the house, and then out the door.  When he arrives at the treasure hunts final destination, you can be there waiting for him with a bottle of wine and a great evening ahead. It’s way easier than you think, and if you really want to fast-track the idea, you can buy a 100% done for you scavenger hunt – just print and follow the directions.  Check it out here.

Event parties can be held in the VIP box of the stadium where his favorite team sport takes place. You can rent a limo to take him and all of his friends to and from the party locale.

Is he a roller coaster lover or an amusement park fan? Take him to a fun one (or more) nearby. Or, travel somewhere new and make a weekend out of it.

Is your man athletic? How about a hiking date, or a day at the batting cages?

Does the man in your life appreciate fine wine? You could plan a romantic weekend escape to the wine country to treat the connoisseur in him.

There you have it: Tons of great ideas for your boyfriend, fiancee or even your husband’s or boyfriend’s birthday.

Click here for more gift ideas for your boyfriend.

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