10 Funny Birthday Gifts to Make Him Laugh

Funny birthday gifts are a fun way to express your affection. Maybe you haven’t been dating your boyfriend for long and do not want to be overly-romantic or appear too emotionally pushy. Regardless, humorous gifts show you care, while creating some mischief with the memories.

Humorous Boyfriend Birthday Presents

When you are struggling over what to get your boyfriend for his birthday, perhaps a laugh might be appropriate this year. Funny birthday gifts can prove to be the budget-friendly solution you have been searching for to satisfy your gift-giving needs.

Prescription Coffee Mug For the coffee lovers in your life. Amazon reviews were overwhelmingly positive (average review 4.5 stars), although some buyers were surprised about its size (6-ounces, not 8-ounces).$9.99
EZ Drinker Toilet Golf Probably won't improve your game, but will give you (and your unsuspecting guests) a good laugh. $10.99
Bacon and Eggs Skull and Crossbones Men's T-shirt Customer feedback "sturdy cotton" and "true to size." Many buyers reported that they gave it as a gift to a man who loved it. $13.95 - $17.95
Intex River Run II Inflatble Float Tube for Two Average review 4.5 stars. One customer claimed it floated well with 4 people and "a 12-pack of bottles with ice in the cooler." A few were surprised that the cooler wasn't more durable. "Stable and durable" according to buyer who used on Lake Michigan in "rough and calm waters."$35.99
MLB New York Yankees Mr. Potato Head Classic toy updated for Yankee's fans. $9.99
Talking Bottle Opener - Homer SimpsonHome says something each time you touch this bottle opener. Mostly positive reviews about durability. Once customer complained. Most report that it makes them and their guests laugh over and over. $16.99
Beer and Soda Guzzler HelmetCustomers expect it to be a novelty that provides a laugh, but don't expect it to hold up over the long term (especially given the price). Mostly positive reviews from Amazon. $8.49

5 Birthday Gag Gifts To Make At Home

1. Hillbilly Bubble Bath – Fill a container with dry beans. The instructions that accompany the labelled receptacle should read: “Cook beans. Eat beans. Wait one hour and take a bath.”

2. Gag Washer and Dryer -Wrap a metal washer and a clothespin. The card should read: “I splurged on new appliances for your birthday. Thought you could use a new washer and dryer.”

3. Extra Dough – Fill a plastic bag with some raw cookie dough. Box and wrap it and include a card: “Couldn’t find the perfect gift. Hope you can use a little extra dough!”

4. Doughnut Seeds – Fill a container with toasted oat cereal. The instructions should read: “Plant 1 seed in a 10-foot deep hole. For jelly doughnuts, pour a jar of your favorite flavor jelly into the hole. For glazed doughnuts, pour in 5 pounds of sugar.”

5. The “No Gift” – Box and wrap a package of batteries and write in the card “Gift not Included.”

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