21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend’s Big Day

The love in your life is turning 21. Your boyfriend is about to mark a milestone. He is officially achieving adulthood and completing his first full year out of his teens.

This birthday is an important one. You want to make the occasion as memorable as possible, either with a special gift, a themed party or both. 21st birthday ideas for boyfriends may be hard to conjure up, but here are some ideas to get you started.

Romantic Ideas for Your Boyfriend’s Birthday – Bunches of 21

You can focus romantic birthday ideas for him specifically on the number 21.

  • For example, if he is not one to be easily embarrassed and you believe he would appreciate the gesture for its sentimental value, you can send him a bouquet of 21 red roses.
  • You can plan a Romantic Scavenger Hunt for him.  This is so fun and easy if you follow these steps.
  • You can express your love through the creation of a collage that outlines 21 reasons why he is the one that holds the key to your heart.  The more colorful and visual the better. Look for cute pictures of you and him together, find internet pictures that convey your love, write all over with wild colored pens.  Try using stencils or take a look at a great lettering book to help you add an artsy element to the words you write. 
  • Make him a scrapbook of 21 special times together. Use lots of colored paper, glitter, gel pens and anything else to make it celebratory.
  • Make him a dictionary of love with 21 entries.  The items in the dictionary could include inside jokes, pet names, or silly words that you share.  List each term and include a fun definition. Here’s an example: Venice Beach – the first place you held my hand.  A faded denim jacket – your idea of a sports coat. 
  • Another idea is to compose a personalized poem that relates to 21 fond memories that the two of you have shared.  
  •  Using 21 brightly colored index cards, or your favorite computer app, you can create a coupon book that describes 21 future dates that he can share with you upon redemption. Options can range from a champagne dinner for two at a high-scale restaurant to spending a night out at the local dive.

Keeping Boyfriend Birthday Gifts Functional

The 21st birthday is not just reaching the legal age to consume alcohol. For many a young man it also means the entry point into the job market. 21st birthday ideas for boyfriends can be something special yet practical, such as an engraved wrist or pocket watch.

Electronics and certain gadgets would also provide for degrees of functionality. You could put on your list of possible boyfriend birthday gifts such items as an iPad or a Kindle Reader. If possible, you could always personalize the device or the device’s case.

Fanciful Fun21st

Organizing a surprise birthday party with a “21” theme would definitely be a frolic. You could invite 21 people and require that each individual tout the number 21 in some fashion. An attendee could wear a shirt with the number 21 or another could sport 21 pairs of socks!

Share with your boyfriend a 21 course meal at your local Chinese banquet. This is not as intimidating as it may seem. From the foods presented in the buffet, select some lighter items such as peanuts or Chinese crisps.

Celebrate 21st Bday with BeerSince your boyfriend can now legally drink, you can create a custom set of 21 imported beers and present them in a basket. You can make the gift more personal with a specially engraved beer mug. Or, how about 21 eccentric shot glasses.

No matter which manner you decide on to commemorate your boyfriend’s 21st birthday, just a touch of personality and creativity can make the happening a real holiday. Whether you choose the romantic bouquet of red roses, a functional electronic organizer or a fun collection of 21 beers, you have the ability to transform “just another birthday” into an all-out celebration of his “coming of age.”

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Photo credits: wangtastic, 28misguidedsouls and terwilliger911