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For many of us, turning 21 is a great excuse for a party.  Want some unique 21st birthday party ideas for guys?  Try this one:  Make beer.

Imagine spending the day with your boyfriend and some of the family and friends you love to hang out with.  Imagine you all working toward the common goal of making legal libations.

Beer making is a process.  You can’t begin making it in the morning and expect to drink it that evening.  But don’t let that deter your party ideas.

You have a few options. You, your boyfriend and a group of friends can begin a few weeks in advance, then crack open your bottles on his first official day of legal drinking. Or, you all can ferment the beer on the day of the party, and then come back together a few weeks together for the “21st Birthday Party – Part 2,” where you all sample your work.  Both work, it’s just a matter of planning.

21st Birthday Party Ideas For Guys – Beer Brewing Quickstart

How do you get started?  There is tons of information free on the internet, like these guidelines from the American Home Brewers Association. Amazon offers several books, like this best seller How to Brew: Everything You Need To Know To Brew Beer Right The First Time.

There are more elaborate options, too.  For example, there are several mini-tutorials like that will take you step by step through the process, often with how-to videos.  Some even offer free bonuses to extend your beer-making expertise to learn how to make other forms of alcohol.  None of this is hard to find, but if you’d like a recommendation, please continue reading.

Downloadable How-To Guide – “Beer Brewing Made Easy”

“Beer Brewing Made Easy” is an instantly downloadable, mini-course that includes a step-by-step, illustrated guide (in PDF format).  It also has a series of how-to videos to help you learn the fine points.  “Beer Brewing Made Easy” was designed by Jake Evans, who has 30 years of experience making beer for a commercial brewery, and on his own.

He says that he created this course for people (especially beginners) to learn how to craft beer at home. The emphasis of the course is to make a large range of  “great tasting” beer (over 700 types) without the chemical additives and shortcuts that major brewers use to reduce costs.

Are There Any Reviews or Testimonials?

Yes.  There are eight testimonials on Jake’s homepage.  They are all positive. People write about saving money, having fun, producing beer so good that their friends don’t believe who made it. Here are some snippets:

  • A first-timer wrote,“This was my first attempt ever at homebrewing and I’m surprised that the first try would go so well.”
  • One buyer, who had failed at beer making in the past, wrote, “Your guide has been a revelation – it is extremely easy to read and understand, especially as each step is accompanied with a picture illustrating the process.”

Are The Testimonials Real?

There is no sure way to tell if Jake’s reviews are real. But, I believe that they are authentic because of the variation in writing style, syntax, grammar and content. I think it’s hard for one person to create so many varied “voices.”

Secondly, each review is followed by an individual’s name and city and then Jake writes: “Testimonials Published With Client Permission”.  In the end, I don’t know if it really matters, since he backs all this up with a money-back guarantee.

Are There Any Freebies?

Yes, there are three:

  1. Secret Recipes of Over 700 Beers – Jake calls this “the bible of beer recipes and include every beer recipe known to man.”  Did he forget women?
  2. Starting a Beer Brewing Business – with tips for turning your new hobby into a profitable endeavor.
  3. Making Wine and Spirits – This guide extends your investment in beer making (no new equipment needed) to enable you to branch out to wine and other spirits. Like the beer guide, the emphasis is on getting what you make to taste great to you.

If My Boyfriend Doesn’t Like The Course, Can I Return It?

Yes.  According to the author’s site, the entire course (guides and videos) come with “100% 60 Day Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee.”  He goes on to say that if you are dissatisfied in any way, “simply send us an email, and your entire investment will be returned to you immediately, no questions asked!”

I like that the product is sold through Clickbank, which is one of the most reputable sites to buy electronic products directly from their creators. It is a secure and trustworthy online marketplace.  I have made purchases from Clickbank over the years without any issues.

How Much Does It Cost? Are There Discounts?

freerangestock.com - Calculator


The course costs $37. But there are some tricks to getting a lower price.  If you attempt to exit the home page by closing the window, you will get a pop up menu that tries to convince you to go back to the homepage. Do it.  You will get a discount of $10 so it will cost only $27. But the discount comes with a timer and it expires after 9 minutes.

Even better, if you attempt to close that window before the 10-minute timer expires,  you might see an offer for an even deeper discount of $19 total and you will be taken directly to the Clickbank order page.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

  • This is an instant download.  You will receive it through email as soon as you purchase it. Even if you are still awake at 3 a.m.
  • The website includes screenshots from the videos. I tried several times to click on them, thinking they were live videos, until I realized they were just images.  Ooops.

Is It Worth A Try for My Boyfriend’s Birthday Party

Only you can answer that question. But with the “exit the page” strategy, you might yourself with what you need to make great beer for less than it costs to take a date to the movies.

Click Here To Try Beer Brewing Made Easy From the Safe, Official Website

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