7 Cool Party Ideas for Your Boyfriend’s Birthday

If your man’s birthday is coming up, you may be looking for some cool party ideas for guys.

It’s not always easy to come up with a theme that’s going to be fun and, but these birthday party ideas are a great way to get started. Use one of these seven ideas to get your party started. 

1. Backyard Barbecue Birthday

Backyard BBQThere’s nothing that guys like more than an old-fashioned cookout. Plan a barbecue party with his favorite grilled foods.

You can make the party more interesting by grilling a variety of meats and vegetables. You can even grill fresh fruits to serve for desserts. This is a crowd pleaser and one that both he and his guests will like.

2. Theme Party

Maybe your boyfriend has a favorite superhero or movie that could be the theme of a fun party. For this type of celebration, have the guests dress up like their favorite superhero or a character from the movie.

Chances are, he’ll be completely surprised, but really like it. You can center the party around these themes, and tell the guests to dress accordingly.Casino Night

  • A video game he loves
  • His favorite sports team
  • A casino night
  • Hawaii theme
  • His favorite movie

And the list goes on! These cool birthday party ideas will be a favorite both with him and his guests.

3. Surprise Party

Surprise PartyFor the best results, rent a room at his favorite restaurant and throw him a surprise party with his friends. This is easy to pull off because you can simply tell him you’re taking him out to dinner. Then when you show up, all of his friends are there.

Since he’s already prepared for a night out, he’ll enjoy having all of his friends show up. You can also throw a surprise party at your apartment, but try to make sure that he’s ready for it, since a tired guy probably won’t enjoy coming home to a house or apartment full of friends.  Need some detailed tips about planning a surprise party?  Click here.

4. Scavenger Hunt Party

Scavenger HuntPlan a scavenger hunt with his party as the final destination. Write clues with each one leading to the next. Have them leading back to where you decide to hold the party. This could be a local restaurant, bar, or his place. Chances are, he’ll figure out something’s going on, but still enjoy the scavenger hunt and clues. Here is a longer blog post with step-by-step help.

5. Tickets To An Event

Give him tickets to a favorite sport and then invite all of his friends to go with him. Another option is to rent out a VIP box for the day and then hold the party in there. If everyone attending is willing to pitch in, it’s actually fairly reasonable. Depending on the stadium, the VIP boxes are sometimes catered which means you just have to provide the cake and the rest is taken care of! Make sure to schedule this early in order to get the best rates.

6. Beer Fest

Beer Night BdayThis is a great option if your guy likes beer, beer brewing, or just likes to explore. Go to a local beer brewer to get a tour of how they make their beer. This is a great activity for either you and him or a group of people. Usually, there is a restaurant close or attached to the brewery that you can have drinks and dinner at after the tour. If your guy’s not into beer, consider a wine tour which are also fun.  If he’s really into beer, consider brewing your own at home – check out this post for details.

7. Destination Birthdays

This can be a little pricey, but going to a fun city is a great way to let loose and have a fun birthday. If your guy has a favorite city, consider surprising him with a weekend trip. You can invite your friends along also for a group experience. Many travel sites have discount package deals, so this may not even break the bank. This is a favorite one, especially if he enjoys traveling and wants a few days away.

These cool birthday party ideas are a great way to put together a party that’s going to be both memorable and fun. Remember that the best birthday party ideas don’t have to be complicated or expensive. They should be focused on making sure that your boyfriend has a great time. By planning a party based on his likes and interests, you can make this happen!

Photo Credits via Creative Commons/Flickr: Neal Turnerdominicspics, e.t.Melissa Hillier and Harsha K R.