Boyfriend Birthday Gift Ideas for Less Than $25

If your boyfriend is about to have a birthday – and you don’t have a plan – don’t worry. You can come up with a great birthday present for your man without spending a lot of money.

It is likely that he will treasure the sentiment behind the gift regardless of how much you spend.  So, if you are a little short of cash, here are some tips for putting more heart than wallet into the big day for you special one.  Below this quick chart are some more detailed ideas.

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Consider Romantic Birthday Ideas for Him

  • Creative Picture Framing – How about buying a nice picture frame and enclose a  love poem or a favorite picture of the two of you. The poem can be your original writing or something from the internet that inspires you.  You will find you are able to purchase a relatively charming frame for under $25.

Boyfriend Heart - Cute and Cheap

  • CD or DVD Love – Are there songs and/or images that generate memories of special moments the two of you have shared? You can consider creating a CD or DVD of a thoughtful collection of music and photos that is sure to provoke meaning.  All that is required is a little time and creative effort on your part to complete the project.

Birthday Boy Likes Candles

  • Romantic Evenings How about a romantic night at home? Rent a few of his favorite movies, or movies you believe he would like, and buy some candles. If your budget allows, splurge on a bottle of wine. Give him the gift of your time and you are sure to actualize an evening he is sure to love.

Funny and Cheap Boyfriend Birthday Ideas

If you take a  trip to your local novelty store to find a ton of low cost funny and cute birthday gift ideas for your man.  There is nothing wrong with giving the gift of humor as long as you do it with thoughtfulness and good taste.

  • Gag Gifts  How about a pair of boxer shorts that have a funny saying on them? Or a deck of playing cards with a memorable picture on the flip side? You can also put together homemade gag gifts that will make him laugh and will not put a major dent in your wallet.

Homemade Boyfriend Birthday Ideas Can Be Cheap

If you are a little bit crafty or a decent cook, the solution to your birthday gift idea problem may only be as far away as your own talents.

  • Sew or Knit? You can make him a hand-sewn or knitted article of clothing. A shirt? A scarf? A sweater? A sentimental stuffed toy?
  • Great Food – Or find your way to his heart through his stomach, as the saying goes, and prepare him a special home-cooked meal of his favorite foods. Add candlelight and wine to create an enchanting, romantic ambiance.

Men's Sweater-Great Gift

You need not be cheap on thought or sentiment just because you are unable to financially afford an expensive gift for your boyfriend’s birthday. You may just realize that the most thoughtful and meaningful gifts are not necessarily sold retail. So whether you want romantic, humorous or homemade, apply some brainstorming and you are bound to come up with the perfect present for the significant other in your life.

Photo Credit:   epSos.dejamingray and dunikowski