Creative Ideas for Your Boyfriend’s Birthday – Tips and Advice

That time of year when your boyfriend will be celebrating another birthday is soon to arrive. If you’re a little shy in the cash department, or you just want to make mark the day with the gift of something uniquely different, read on.  The solution to your gift-giving dilemma may be resolved with some creative ideas for your boyfriend’s B-day.

A birthday gift does not have to be expensive in order for you to express your affection and to be especially meaningful. You may discover that the perfect presents for your boyfriend’s B-day can be concocted by combining some of your own imagination and talent into something homemade.

Cute, Crafted Boyfriend Birthday Gifts

If you like crafts, you can combine simple, inexpensive materials into a gift that can be cutely fun or fabulously functional.

  • Stuffed Sports Toy – You can make an adorable stuffed toy in the image of his favorite sports team’s mascot. You an buy an easy sewing pattern at your local fabric shoppe. Check the materials required and purchase what is necessary at the same time. Once you have everything you need, it’s just a matter of a little time and talent.
  • Handwarmers From Your Heart  – Another crafty idea is to cut out 4 two to three inch hearts from a piece of poly-fleece. You can match and sew each to two hearts together and fill the sacks with rice. When the finished product is popped into the microwave for 30 seconds, he’ll have heart-shaped hand-warmers to pop into his pockets and keep his fingers cozy for up to an hour! Personalize the comforting creation with embroidered initials.

Cooked Treat Birthday Ideas

There is no greater gift than something that you personally prepared in the kitchen. Cook up a variety of tasty treats, place small portions of each on paper plates and colorfully wrap them individually. Then plan a scavenger hunt! Hide the packages all around your house and create clues as to their location. Reveal the first clue when your boyfriend arrives, then place one clue with each wrapped plate of treats, to be discovered as he finds one present at a time.

Artsy Boyfriend Birthday Presents

When it comes to contriving creative ideas for your man’s birthday, here are several artsy ideas that will soberly or sentimentally make him smile.

  • A Monogram Collage – Using a large piece of cardboard, or wood, cut out his initial. On one side of the letter, cut, paste and shellac a collage of favorite photos of the two of you together. On the flip side, fancily pen some of your fondest memories.
  • Beer Cake – If your boyfriend is of legal age to consume alcohol, you can create a cake without the baking. Using full cans of beer, bind smaller and smaller layers of cans using colored masking tape and then pile the layers one on top of the other. Put a candle on top! To accompany the creation, make a hang-over kit. Make a basket of products he may need after consuming the cake: Pepto? Aspirins?
  • The Map of Us – Purchase or make a map of your local streets. Creatively mark your most memorable places. Use photos and written scripts to denote the locations of your first date; your first kiss; your favorite hang-out.

Should all else fail, you can always offer to do your boyfriend’s  errands for a day – or surprise him with an outing to someplace he has always wanted to go. Creative ideas for you boyfriend B-day can be crafty, cooked, artsy or an experience. All are fun and fantastically frugal ways to keep your boyfriend smiling.