Experience Gifts and Adventure Gifts For Him

What is an Experience Gift?

Experience gifts result from you taking the time to organize an adventure for you and your boyfriend (and maybe other friends, too).

They can be anything from planning a romantic picnic, to flying to Napa Valley for a weekend of California wine tasting  – and everything in between.

Action and Adventure Experience Gifts

Imagine giving your boyfriend the heart-pounding rush of racing a Ferrari or flying a plane for the afternoon?  How about adventure gifts like an exhilarating ten-story bungee jump, a private rock climbing lesson or a river rafting adventure?

If your boyfriend is not an adrenaline junkie, there are romantic dinner cruises, micro-brew (and wine) tours, spa experiences, golf packages and other unique birthday gifts for men.

If you’re looking for something truly exclusive, there are super-deluxe weekend and four-day packages for VIP tickets and treatment for some of the most premier events including:

  • The Daytona 500 or The Indianapolis 500
  • The Masters Tournament
  • NFL Games (Super Bowl, etc.)
  • NCAA Final Four
  • Kentucky Derby and more. All available at Cloud9LIving.com.

What Are Some Sample Experiential Gifts?

  • Action and Adventure Gifts – Being a “fighter pilot for a day,” stock car ride-alongs, learning to fly, glider rides, helicopter rides, hot air ballooning, kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding, riding zip lines, and the already mentioned: race car driving, bungee jumping, white water rafting, snowmobile tours, and much more.
  • City Tours and Food/Wine Experiences – Brewery tours, walking “food tours”  at several restaurants in the same area, dinner and brunch cruises, wine tasting, and more.

Then there are regional gifts. For example, coastal locations have whale watching tours and water sports, while mountain areas have gifts like snowmobile rides.

How Much Do These Gifts Cost?

Companies like Cloud 9 Living offer adventure gifts that can be less expensive than you think. Cloud 9 Living says that it offers experience gifts for “any taste and any budget.” A scenic glider ride in Colorado, for example, begins at $119.

With nearly 2,000 different experiential gifts, you can find something for him, for the two of you or for a group.  If you are still uncertain, or want to involve him in the decision,  you can pay now and pick your gift later.

What Are The Benefits of Buying An Experience Gift Instead of Designing Your Own?

Quality – Cloud 9 Living says that it “works with `Best In Class’ vendors who have a proven track record of providing top notch customer service.”  ‘

Great Selection, Great Search Tools – The website is well organized so that you can choose gifts by geographic region or “experience type.”  So while there are thousands of choices, the search tools make it easy to find one you will love to give him.

Easy To Book – The company also tries to make the online booking hassle-free – and their website certainly is easy to navigate. The company says you can talk to one of its Experience Consultants by phone (Monday thru Friday) or via live chat to answer any questions.

What Else Do I Need To Know About The Costs?

You can get 10% off when you sign up for emails.  Look for the pop-up ad that displays once you’ve been on the site for a few minutes. If you don’t find it, tap Orange County California (even if you’re in a different region) and it should pop up.

Cloud 9 Living’s site says “for the first 30 days after purchase you can get a full refund.”  They also say that the recipient of your gift can exchange it for another gift on their site, even after the refund period.

Click Here to To Browse Experience Gifts From The Official, Cloud 9 Living Site.

Want to create an experience on your own. No problem. Scroll down for more ideas.


What Are Some Experience Gifts You Can Arrange Yourself?

Whether it’s just the two of you, or you are meeting up with friends, these types of adventures are way more fun if he doesn’t know in advance.  Get it all planned out, get him in the car (or subway, or bus) and tell him you have a quick errand.  Get him to the destination and surprise him with the adventure.

  • Concerts
  • Comedy Shows
  • Sporting Events (tickets to see his favorite team play)
  • Cultural Events (live theater, art exhibits, dance)
  • Bar hoping with pals
  • Dinner out
  • Movie – Pre-purchasing movie tickets ensures that they won’t sell out. Some movie theaters even let you purchase a ticket for your individual seat. This is a great way to sit together and avoid the hassle of waiting in line.
  • Surprise Poker Party (or game night)
  • Bowling (or miniature golf)
  • Arts and Craft Making – There are all sorts of businesses that let you sign up for a class, workshop, or studio time without requiring you to make an ongoing commitment.  For example, Color Me Mine (with locations all over the world) lets you pick a piece of pottery and lets you paint and glaze it choosing from their huge selection. The beauty is you don’t have to be good at making ceramics, or even painting them. They do the hard work, you just sit and play with your pals while you paint.
  • Volunteering – Seriously, it is a meaningful experience when you and your man (and maybe some friends) spend an afternoon or weekend morning giving back to the community. Then, go out and enjoy a nice meal.’

Everyone loves a gift that they can have and hold, but sometimes the gift of an experience is more meaningful.

Photo Credit: Simon Davidson flic.kr/p/5e1FuG