How To Plan A Surprise Party For Your Boyfriend

Is your boyfriend the type who loves a good party?

Does he enjoy being the center of attention, and getting the chance to spend quality time with those close to him?

If so, plan a surprise party for his next birthday!

Brainstorming For Your Boyfriend’s Surprise Birthday Party

Who, what, when, and where? Be receptive. Think of what the guest of honor would want. If you’re always longing to go to your favorite fancy restaurant, but he’s more content to stay home and grill in the backyard, take that into consideration when deciding where to have the party. Everyone will have more fun if the guest of honor is in his element and clearly having a good time.

Use what you already know about your boyfriend to think of good surprise party ideas. What’s that movie he won’t stop talking about? That TV show he always wants to watch? You don’t have to throw a full-blown theme party, but including some accents, decorations, or a background playlist from his favorite movies or music could be a win. Plus, it would show him that you really do pay attention to his personal obsessions.

Make a Guest List For Him

You won’t get his help in putting together the guest list. Since he won’t necessarily be prepared for what’s coming, make sure to only invite people whose company you know he enjoys. Think quality over quantity.

Surprise Birthday Invitations For Guys

Consider using a free service like Evite. You can choose an eye-appealing graphic, and tailor it with your party details. Then, log in to Evite when he’s not around to check on the progress of your invitation. This way, you don’t have party-related messages floating around your inbox.

Some things to make clear in the invitation:

  • Whether you expect guests to bring anything, like a gift or food
  • Whether guests are allowed to bring their significant others or children
  • Most of all: swear them to secrecy! It’s a surprise!

Making it Happen

Have a wingman. Team up with someone close to your boyfriend—a mutual friend or sibling—and think of ideas for your boyfriend’s surprise birthday party together. This friend could make helpful suggestions on whom to invite, and help you out if you have any doubts about what your guy would appreciate. Make sure this friend can keep a secret!

Disguise the event, especially if it involves taking him somewhere else. For all he knows, the two of you are just going to have a low-key evening at your favorite bar, but when you arrive, it’s filled with friends waiting to surprise him. Or, flip-flop this idea and have the guests arrive after the two of you. This idea would work best if you have a friend willing to help with the logistics of the guests arriving at the same time.

Keep a straight face. If you can’t, ask one of his other friends to be the one who guides him to the party. When they arrive at the surprise location, you’ll be there. Surprise time with you could be the best birthday gift he could ask for.