Sentimental Gifts For Men – Tips For Expressing Your Love

Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or just one of those times you are bursting with love, sentimental gifts for men are wonderful.

But, let’s get rid of the stereotype is that men are not that romantic or “mushy” about their feelings.

There are plenty of guys who are really touched when someone they love takes the time to express their feelings through a romantic gesture.

Sentimental Gifts for Men – Idea #1 – A Monthly Love Letter

What if you sent your sweetie a heartfelt love letter each month?  Your first letter might surprise him, the second might delight him and by the third, he might see that there is a pattern here – and write back.

Imagine the fun of leaving the letter in a different place each month – taped to the bathroom mirror, in his backpack, briefcase or lunch box, on the front seat of his car.  While this does require a bit of effort, there are definitely resources to help.

One of the best is The Letter of The Month Club from the Dating Divas. With this kit, all the the hard work of letter-writing is already done for you. Yes, you will write the actual letter, but this “kit” supports you along with way, by giving you:

  • A special, seasonal writing prompt for each month to guide you through the process.
  • A sheet of tips and recommendations for writing a great letter.
  • Plenty of  adorable, colorful, printable envelopes and stationery.

Best of all, there’s no waiting.  Once you enter your credit card information, you will instantly receive this product by email.

Sentimental Gift #2  – The Deluxe Dating Redux

This is especially great for couples who have been together for a while.  The idea is to think of  the places that have been the most special for the two of you, and then to return to the scene of the crime. David Robert Bliwas David Robert Bliwas

There are some obvious ones: the location of your first date, or the place you were when you said (or heard) “I love you” for the first time. Beyond the catalog of your “firsts,” there are other places that were meaningful.

My partner and I had an incredible conversation about our future together while we were  sitting under an oak tree at the Capitol Building in Olympia, Washington.  What a great place to relive the memory.

If you choose to do this, however, you have to make sure expectations are not too high.  It’s a walk down memory lane, but you want the mood to be light and playful.

Here are some tips:

  • Make a long list of places that were meaningful, romantic, sentimental, etc.  Make sure you write down why they were so important.
  • Some of the most important moments in your relationship might have been in some not-so-romantic places.   So, if one of those incredible memories happened when you went bowling, or were in the laundrymat, don’t shy away from it. The laughter you will enjoy by reliving a date like this might really make it fun.
  • Think about locations. Places that involve an airplane ride might not be feasible.  On the other hand, you list might show that lots of special memories happened in locations that are relatively close together.  So, you could bundle them together and visit each in one day.

A really nice touch is to have a card, or small gift, or pictures to give him when you reach your special locale. Need ideas? How about a photo book or collage of these memories to surprise him with when you get him there?

Sentimental Gift Idea #3 – Personalize Something

There is a whole world of things that can be personalized.

  • Beverage Gear – Coffee mugs, water bottles, insulated to-go gear for commuting, coasters, shot glasses, beer steins, wine glasses, flasks, etc.). Click here to see lots of examples.
  • Clothing – Fan wear and sports clothes (jerseys, etc.), T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, tank tops, jackets, pajamas, caps, hats…and even his skivvies.  Yes, you can personalize underwear (his and yours too) for a totally fun (and maybe spicy) gift.
  • Kitchen and Bath Gear – blankets, sheets, pillowcases, shower curtains, rugs,and towels.
  • Accessories – You can custom design things like watches and other jewelry, cases for smartphones and tablets, keychains and wallets.  Similarly, there are things like clocks, calendars, aprons, mousepads, magnets, and stickers.

One of the best places for personalized gifts is Cafe Press, which lets you add your own design or message to hundreds of times. Secondly, if your man loves sports, the fan shop of his favorite team, which you can find by clicking here.