Romantic Picnic Ideas For Your Boyfriend’s Birthday

Forget the traditional romantic setting (candles, soft music, etc.).  An evening with a birthday picnic can be much more fun.

Consider planning a picnic for your special man’s big day. With a few special touches, the evening will be memorable. Here are some romantic picnic ideas to get you started.

Romantic Picnic Ideas – An Overview

The Location – A quiet spot on fresh grass near a pound or lake is great, but any peaceful location will likely work.  If you cannot get to the beach, or even a park, consider other possibilities.  How about a backyard, balcony or outdoor patio?  With some fluffy and soft pillows (or the cushions from you couch) you can make a comfortable place to dine.  See if you can find a table that is low to the ground. Dig up a tablecloth (or even a sheet) to drape around your sitting area and you can make a private  oasis for the two of you.

The Table – Place wide, solid candles into glass jars and place them on the table.  This approach will keep the the candles safe.  If you can, go a bit overboard — lots of candles tend to compensate for a setting that is not quite paradise already  To illuminate your table, group candles different heights in the middle.

The Plates – Skip the paper and plastic and go for real plates, glasses and utensils instead.  If you lack a set of dishes you want to risk taking outside,  go to a nearby thrift shop and pick up some plates, flatware and cups. Use pretty glasses for your beverages. Don’t worry if the dishes don’t even match   This mismatched approach can be romantic and playful, too.  Keep your eyes peeled for containers for the bread and fruit (like baskets or large bowls).

The Soundtrack – Try playing some light jazz softly to create a peaceful and romantic mood. Who knows, it may inspire the two of you to dance! Even though you might have music with great lyrics, instrumental music might be better because it won’t drown out your romantic chat

Transporting the Food– Bringing your food to this romantic birthday picnic contributes to the mood and the setting.  Avoid the of big plastic coolers, and opt for a real picnic basket if you can. If you require a stronger container, look for a plastic or wood crate.  Even some classic old luggage can add  an unexpected touch of romance.

Romantic Picnic Food Ideas

The Bread – Have you ever noticed that paintings and photographs of romantic meals often feature loafs of fresh, crusty French bread? Somehow, images and memories of crusty-golden bread brings up feelings of good food, peaceful times and romance.  Try to find a loaf of earthy bread like sourdough rolls or French baguettes or rolls for your birthday picnic.  Serve them in bowls or baskets. go ahead and rip a piece from the loaf. Add butter or another spreads to eat together. You could also. You could also serve sandwiches. There’s a classic, romantic aspect to sandwiches on thick slices of earthy bread.

The Cheese  Now that you have the bread, add the cheese to complete this classically romantic paring.  Resist grabbing a block of Cheddar cheese when there are so many more varieties to activate your taste buds.  Cheeses like Brie and Roquefort are classics to consider. Three more popular cheeses are Herve (a French cheese), Havarti (a semi-soft Danish cheese) and Gouda (a firm, yellow cheese).  Often, a deli will allow you to try a variety, so it’s easy to try a new one.

You can put the cheese on your crusty bread. This will cleans your palate before you take your next bite of cheese.  Alternatively, you can serve crackers and the cheese. Some people like to highlight the taste of the cheese, not the cracker.  If this is the case, a hearty but mild cracker instead of one with a generous amount of salt, spices or herbs.

Finger Foods – Finger foods can also add a touch of romance to your boyfriend’s birthday picnic.  It can be hard to manage forks, spoons and knives, so choose foods like cold cut meats (great on the bread also), fruits and veggies.  These foods are easy to pack and share.  Little kabobs of fruit and cheese are easy to make and share, too.Think of the meal as little bites, not piled high plates that remind you of a feast during the holidays. You an nibble on a piece of fruit, and then a dab of meat, while you also enjoy the slow pace of conversation and kisses.

Beverages for The Boyfriend

Romance is often paired with wine. But, any beverage you and your beau like is fine. Beer, sparkling apple juice, homemade lemonade, mixed drinks or even smoothies can make the evening fun and special.  The best beverages are the ones that you both enjoy.

Desserts That Delight

Ahh, chocolate. You prepare or buy strawberries or cherries dipped in chocolate, serve thick slices of chocolate cake, or your favorite chocolate cookies.  An especially easy and fun way to get your dose of dessert is to create a “chocolate tasting.   Buy several types of chocolate bars, arrange them on a plate, and take nibbles on different ones. Soon you will determine which you like the best.

The most important thing is to enjoy the experience and spend some meaningful time with your man. Put some time into the preparation and this special birthday picnic will be memorable for you both.