Romantic Scavenger Hunt For Your Boyfriend

Romantic_Scavenger_Hunt2It starts with a sexy text message.  It ends with him joining you at a special location. Everything in between is a puzzle for him to figure out.

What is it?

It’s a romantic scavenger hunt for your boyfriend’s birthday.

Below are directions for making your own. Or, scroll down to buy my 100% done-for-you scavenger hunt.

Birthday Scavenger Hunt Basics

Save Time with this 100% Done-For-You Scavenger Hunt

Save Time with this 100% Done-For-You Scavenger Hunt

These experience dates take time to figure out, but they are so worth it.  With a little creativity and playfulness, you can create an unforgettable adventure for your boyfriend’s birthday.

There are three basic parts of a scavenger hunt (also called a treasure hunt):

  • The Hook – the way you introduce the scavenger hunt adventure, which is often a surprise.  Want to see a sample scavenger hunt? Scroll down.
  • The Trail – The web of places you will send him. Each stop in the treasure hunt will contain a clue.  It might also contain a small object, gift, etc. or a requirement that he do something or buy something. Each clue leads to the next. You might allow him to find you on the trail, where the two of you would finish following the clues together.  Or, he might not find you until the payoff (below) at the end.  This is a decision you will make as you plan the adventure.
  • The Payoff – The last clue leads him to his destination, where there is the final surprise  It could lead him anywhere that he might enjoy, a nice restaurant, a baseball game, the beach, a place with a rooftop view, etc.

Planning His Scavenger Hunt

Start by creating a simple list of how you might arrange the adventure.  Think about the scope of the scavenger hunt? Do you want it concentrated in a small area, like a neighborhood, or just a city block?

Or, would you prefer your boyfriend to cover a large section of the city?  Be creative.  It could take place in an outdoor shopping mall and end at a nearby theater.  It could start in one end of your apartment building and end with a meal on the roof.  It could take place on a literal trail, like a hike in a park, or on a bike path.

Sample Scavenger Hunt

Sean McGrath

Once you formulate a general idea, it’s time to start mapping it out.  Before you even think of the clues, or how one clue leads to the next, take some time to jot down the stops along the way.  You might do it like this:

  1. Clue #1 – Text him the first clue (like the yellow clue in the image below)
  2. Clue #2 – Tape a note on the …
  3. Clue #3 – Place a note under the …
  4. Clue #4 – Put a note inside a …
  5. Clue #5 – Place a note in the spoke of bike or under a car’s window wiper
  6. Clue # 6 – Direct him to a fancy supermarket to buy…
  7. Clue #7 – Call your friend Bob for the next clue.
  8. Clue #8 – Prepare Bob to read your boyfriend the last clue, which might direct him to a romantic outdoor place (the beach, the lake, a park) where you are waiting with a blanket, some wine glasses and a great picnic (to go along with the romantic food you tell him to buy in Clue #6).

This just a sample to get your ideas flowing.  But, why spend the time when you can buy for a ready-made product without the hassle (scroll down).

Logistics to Consider


Set Up a Cute, Romantic Scavenger Hunt…Without Writing Any Clues. Scroll Down to Purchase

Try to think about logistics along the way. Do you want him to walk from place to place – or should he drive, ride a bike or take a subway or bus?

Prepare him for something he might need. For example, if you are ending with a mountain hike, you will want to make sure he knows along the way to pack the right shoes and clothes.

Boyfriend’s Treasure Hunt Clues

The clues are the hardest part.  You want to create a sense of mystery, but not make the clues so hard that he will get frustrated.

It’s also really nice when the clues rhyme.   They can be handwritten or typed or even done up special with a nice design.

The Problem Is…Time


Some of the 24 pages in my 100% Done-For-You Romantic Scavenger Hunt

You’re right – a scavenger hunt for your boyfriend’s birthday is creative and fun.  What a great present!

The problem is…time.

With his big day around the corner, how will you find the time to figure out the sequence of the game, write the clues, and nicely format the whole thing…when you are so busy working or going to school or cleaning your house – or whatever.

Instead of racking your brain for ideas, writing multiple rhyming clues figuring out where to leave the clues and making the whole thing look nice graphically – buy the Romantic Scavenger Hunt from

The Easy Way

Buy The 100% Done-For-You Romantic Scavenger Hunt for $12.00

Download Romantic Scavenger Hunt Now

Click “Download Now” button above to purchase the through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal.  PayPal allows you to pay with a credit card or debit card – even if you don’t have a PayPal account. Click here to see how.

What You Get When You Buy:

  • 8 Great-Looking, Rhyming Clues (plus two alternatives) that are sure to make him smile. These clues follow the eight steps outlined above in the “Sample Scavenger Hunt” section of this article.  Each is formatted with a fun, playful design (see the examples above).
  • Detailed Directions  to make sure you know exactly where to place the clues.
  • Suggestions for beginning and ending the scavenger hunt.
  • A Few Curve Balls along the way to add some fun (some clues involve text messages, photos and calls to friends).
  • Plenty of Time Leftover for you to focus on other details of his birthday.

This romantic birthday idea takes less than 20 minutes to set up.  Just print and follow the directions.

Regardless of how you create your scavenger hunt, the most important part is to have a good time.

A little planning and a creativity will make your scavenger hunt surprise great. If you’re looking for some surprise birthday ideas for him, a romantic scavenger hunt just might do the trick.


Photo credit: Dita Margarita and Sean McGrath


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