Theme Gift Baskets For Sports Fans

Why give one present when you can give more?  A theme gift basket is a collection of presents that center on a single idea, such as your man’s favorite activity, sports team, hobby, etc.

These birthday presents are fun and easy to put together. Think about something that he really likes, and look for 2-3 items that you can group around this common idea. Then, package it all up gift basket style.  Make it really special by taking him on an adventure and presenting his gift basket to him there.

Visit The Fan Shop of Your Boyfriend’s Favorite Team

For tons of clothing and accessories, visit the fan shop of your man’s favorite team.

Yes, there are lots of clothing ideas (T-shirts, jerseys, shorts, hats, etc.). But, today there are so many more things you can buy that are adorned with his favorite team’s logo: auto accessories, coffee mugs, smart phone cases, and much more.

Cute Birthday Gifts for Your Man, The Sports FanPersonalized American Football Grid Iron jersey iPhone 5

This collection of gifts centers around your boyfriend’s favorite sport or sport team.  Here are some things he might enjoy in his gift bundle:

  • A personalized T-shirt or jersey
  • A personalized smart phone case
  • A pair of personalized, sports-related coffee mugs
  • A sweet, romantic card
  • A pair of tickets for the two of you to his favorite sporting event.

Many teams allow you to buy items with the team’s logo. You could splurge on something high end like an Autographed NBA Jersey– which is a serious collector’s item. If you can’t swing the cost of the autograph, a regular sports jersey is also something that he may treasure for years.

More Birthday Ideas for Boyfriends

Or, you could go with a group of lower price point birthday presents and add a special touch by personalizing each with his name and a message. Most of these gifts are not that expensive.  For example, for $16.85 you can have this coffee mug customized to say “Happy Birthday” and to include his name.  It comes in other colors, too.  It’s extra cute to have one mug for him, and a mug for you.  How about doing one in red and the other in blue?  Click here or on the image to see how easy it is to type in your personal message.  If he’s a beer-drinking sports fan, this beer stein with a similar logo can also be personalized.

B-day Blue MugMany sites like allow you to personalize just about everything. They will allow you to return just about anything.  And, they often have secret sales. For example, there is one running right now. You can visit the site to get the coupon code.

There are so many other ways to create a thematic gift for the man in your life.  While he will certainly enjoy the present, he won’t be the only one. You will probably enjoy putting together such a creative gift, and will really value his smile as he opens it.